Yummy Veggie Pot Pie | Vegan Recipe

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I have to say that I actually became a pot pie lover after becoming vegan. I was never a huge fan of it before going vedge, but now it’s become a staple recipe when I need some comfort food in my belly. I love it because it’s easy and I can fill it with as many veggies as I’d like. I’ve added all kinds of ingredients including legumes, vegan meats, and vegan cheeses. I also love that it can totally be a make-a-head meal. Just prepare it and set it in the fridge for later or freeze it for a homemade frozen dinner any night of the week.

I like to bake them in individual ramekins, but you can certainly bake and serve it in a large crock pot or baking dish. It’s really up to you. If you have oven safe mugs, you can also use them as your vessel for a fun presentation. Instead of the pie crust recipe you typically use for a pot pie, bake them with my country biscuit recipe over the top for a little variation. Is your mouth watering yet? YUM!


  1. Looks great. Just a little constructive criticism I wish you would have shown the cooking for each instead of talking about it so that we could see it since it is a video. You talked us through it as if it was a written recipe. Can’t wait to try

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