Whole Wheat Bread

Hi friends! We shared a written recipe of this bread on our Facebook page & along with all the love n appreciation for the bread we also got many requests to make a video of this one.
So here it is! Follow the instructions to the T and your bread will come out as good as this one or even better because You, I’m sure will make it with a lot of love for your own good self , family n friends!
Do let us know if you have any queries and if you try this bread, please do share your experience in the comments section below.
Until next time, Happy Bread Baking! 🙂


  1. Be Everyday Vegan I made this today and my bread came out very hard. Any idea why? I used 1 cup of water and splashed about 3 tablespoons of water while kneading the though.

  2. Hello Be Everyday Vegan! I’m planning on making this recipe, do you have the exact wter measurments from the water applied to the dry active yeast as well as later on? It’s okay if you do not, I know it’s not difficult to play around with the dough either. 👍

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