It has been a while since we stepped foot into WHOLE FOODS but today we were on a mission. Our trainer had given us an awesome recipe book with some plant based vegan recipes for us to try out. We were excited to go shop at Whole Foods with an actual list. It wasn’t easy but we did it. So come along and Grocery Shop with us in this SHOP WITH ME at WHOLE FOODS VEGAN STYLE. Tomorrow we will post the actual WHOLE FOODS GROCERY HAUL and go through each item one by one for you.


  1. I am full vegan! I just plan out my meals and it isn’t expensive specially if you are creative and it’s so much fun and has taught me alot! Love you guys😀

  2. Am transitioning on a plant based diet journey. I am not vegan. I started last summer. I eat no meat. but my 12 yrs. old eats 5 meals plant based & 2 days wit meat as she gets use to it. Keep up it.80% plant based is better then not being healthier.

  3. Hi big Tip if you have Asian Chinese Indian Mexican markets in your area google it if your not sure they have gluten free mungbean sweet potato rice noodles 🍝 that’s no more then $1-2.00 and trader Joe’s has brown rice black bean lentil past for $2-3 dollars Pinterest. com has great vegan recipes google vegan budget grocery hauls on your U tube app hope your vegan journey oh and for a quick health jelly try 1 cup of puréed 1fruit 3 tbsp of chia a seeds let sit 15-20 minutes you have your raw favourite jelly!👍☺️

  4. Hey guys, been watching your videos for awhile now just never commented before. so i guess im kinda #newbie. Im almost fully plant-based diet at this point, but it’s been a work in progress. During the summer months I hit up local farmers markets and tend to hit the same vendors every week, by shopping with the same vendors every week you can sometimes get a discount or free produce to try that you hadnt usually bought. As far as the food goes, you guys buy a lot of name-brand vegan products, try going for the store-brand vegan product, and hit up trader joes for the vegan foods over whole foods. I also hit up local bakeries for bread items, because it’s usually cheaper, tastier and it’s fun to know the person who made your bread and when exactly it was made. You’d be surprised how cheap it can be to eat plant-based. For amazing recipes I watch Mary’s Test Kitchen here on Youtube, she’s amazing and has insane recipes you never knew that could be made vegan.

  5. Full vegan here. Just went vegan overnight. Believe me it doesn’t need to be expensive. I haven’t shopped at whole foods even once since I’ve been vegan, I shop at the regular grocery store, buy what is on sale and in season. I maybe spend $20 a week just for myself and I tend to splurge a little. Beans, rice, pasta, and potatoes are some of the cheapest foods and vegan staples. If you want to go all out and make fancy full substitute meals then yeah the price goes up, especially when you buy processed products. The more basic and simple you eat, the healthier and the cheaper.

  6. Next time you guys looking for meatless meat Gardein is a GREAT brand of vegan meatless meat options. Sweet and sour chickenless chicken taste so good and their black bean burger among everything else.. They have a variety of options to choose from, and this is what saves me when I am making vegan dishes.

  7. It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat more plants! Its just if you buy products like the special vegan cheeses and stuff that are very “trendy”. If you still to fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, just normal foods that happen to be vegan/plant based, it would be the same cost-wise as any other grocery shopping! And much easier!

  8. I recommend watching earthlings and some documentaries of the mistreatment of animals , also veganism doesn’t mean being expensive , you can buy lots of beans, rice , potatoes , frozen vegetables , oatmeal and fruits and veggies in season all for super cheap !! And you can buy vegan junk food in moderation , such as vegan ice cream , meats and dairy alternatives , vegan baked goods etc .!!!😃

  9. it’s actually cheaper to be a vegan rather than be a meat eater , u just have to be more plant based and not buy the faux things like vegan cheese and vegan sausages , etc , but since u r a family it is really difficult just because some of ur kids might not like to cut off some of their favorite snacks

  10. Just a thought from your newbie Donna in Toronto……….I have been trying to better my eating habits like you guys are doing………I have watched a lot of food documentaries on Netflix and supposedly less than 5% of the food that is labeled organic actually is……unless you have seen the food growing, you can’t always believe what you are told………that’s shocking when you hear it………..you can cut back on meat, try more fish, and I use different kinds of beans, kidney, black,chick peas, and make great salads full of protein….add your organic corn that you love, some fresh peas, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms , hard boiled eggs anything that the kids would eat, make a nice easy dressing and splurge on some croutons, or a fabulous garlic bread if the kids would eat that…………you can even throw in some leftover chicken or some vegan cheese chunks………I can’t even imagine getting everyone to like everything, you do such an amazing job especially with all the schedules you have to contend with………….meatless meals but with lots of other proteins are a really healthy alternative……let me know if you try it……….

  11. Full vegan now! the only reason it is “expensive” is because if you want to make recipes that resembles non vegan food like your grilled cheese and alfredo. im trying to convert to being just a whole foods diet, which is just vegi, fruits, nuts, legumes, and wheat. But if you stick to a vegan diet that does not resemble a non vegan it actually cut my grocery by at least a half!

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