WHAT’S TO COOK Tutorial: Vegan mushroom & avocado breakfast ||MIRRAH REFLECTS||

Hi all! This is a quick, easy vegan friendly snack to make. My favourite mushroom breakfast with avocado recipe.

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Welcome to What’s to Cook ( Filmed on Iphone 6S)

This idea came about due to being at home looking in my cupboards and saying to self, ‘self what’s to cook?!’ Also adult friends who ask me ‘any ideas what to cook Mirrah?

I’m also a Youthworker and hear young people always say ‘I don’t have anything in the fridge or at home or I only have this much money. So may this subscription to my page be fun and helpful with tips on what’s to cook.

Even though I’m now a plant based eater. I will openly share with you recipes that may not be vegan. Respectfully you as an audience may have your own lifestyle choices, and one day may choose an alternative healthy eating choice. But for now, let’s have fun and know what to make in dire strait moments or leisurely just wanting something yummy to eat.

Thanks for watching, may you Live.Intentionally.Forever. Evolve ||MIRRAH REFLECTS||

Happy eating🤗

Bread to toast
Vegeatble stock
Vegan Butter
Soy Sauce
Pinch of cinnamon
2 pinches of turmeric
White pepper
Mushroom: Enoki, Shiitake, Pearl & Oyster mushrooms

Feel welcome to fresh dill also to garnish finished dish.

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