WHAT WE ATE TODAY / breakfast, dinner and more!

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  1. Hi Dominic and Gianluca! Nice job with the meals! My daughter learned the ingredients for “yummy” juice and chicken soup from your cooking today. She loves listening to this video.
    Onions make my eyes burn too. I have a few suggestions to help it burn less. The next time you need to cut onions, try wearing swimming goggles. It protects your eyes from the gas released from the onions more than sunglasses. Or you can chill the onion on ice first. And cut the root end last. There are more of the enzymes that release the gas there than at the top of the onion. Hope it helps!

  2. Dear “DARCI” You are sooooooo very cooooool. [ “Darci” does not sound softly enough to describe how I read you my Dear!] YOU are the best, humble (hmmmmmm….) MOTHER wanted to provide for your of springs . For me You are the BEST Mamusia in the entire world. YOU gave up your body, your dreams for the HAPPINESS of Your Family. I adore your persona a big time and I am always looking for your new videos – helping me with the harshness of my personal issues. Dear Darci U are making a good, very good, deed to american, traditional FAMILIES> Thank You Darci Isabella! American Mothers LOVE and ADMIRE You!

  3. Hi Darci,I really like the way the kids make the soup.(: Could you please give me the recipe for it? I would love to make the soup for my kids.😄Jacinta from Ireland.

  4. Two questions does that jug under your juicer take out any of the extra bits I hate?? Bone broth …. you have not taught us how to make that yet have you or did I miss it?? Thanks ❤️

  5. The juice in the stores been tasting strange lately my kids don’t like it so we agreed with you juicing is better and bought one. Do you wash yours or just rinse it out good after using it? Your boys crack me up remind me of mine. Mine have hair past there shoulders though and they pony it back sometimes.

  6. I absolutely LOVE your videos. Your children/family seem SO happy and healthy! You make me want to pack my bags, move, get a chicken coop, grow a veggie garden, have more kids and home school them. You make it seem so easy, but I know it’s not at all. I give you soooo much props for what you do. You are an amazing mom. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am so appreciative <3

  7. Could you elaborate, some time, on your third meal? I am struggling with our smallest meal. I can plan and shop for breakfast and a wholesome dinner, but I never know what to do for our smaller meal, be it in the middle or at the end of the day. It seems like all of my ideas are what we are already eating for dinner.

  8. Hi, I’m Melody and I really love your vlogs. I’ve considered making my own channel primarily for my family back in Oregon to get little snippets of my daily life with my three girls. I’m just a bit apprehensive to do so, because I know how nasty some people can get in the comments. I would really love your opinion! How do you handle the negative comments?

  9. Hi Darci, I was wondering what you use for laundry soap/ stain fighting? Also, if you don’t mind, how do you discipline(uggggg hate that word)your children?

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