What We Ate Today #1 | Vegan Family Meals ~ Brown Vegan

I’m just showing what we eat over the course of one day. Stay tuned for more videos like this!

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Not a vegan family? Perfect! I made this channel just for you. 🙂
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Quinoa and Black Beans with Cashew Queso Sauce Recipe

Vegan Nuggets

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  1. Please Please Please keep posting these types of videos. My children are very picky eaters and meals like these are really helping us on our journey as a family

  2. I would love to see all your recipes in a book format…I’m so serious. Most of the vegan cookbooks seem somewhat unrealistic in the amount of time needed to prepare their recipes especially for a working mom like myself. This is such a simplistic approach

  3. Question…I’m transitioning my family to a plant-based diet and I was wondering if your children were always vegan or if you went vegan during their lifetime???  I’m not worried because I’ve already talked with them and explained what we are doing and why, and they are completely on board but just curious if you might have tips for me.

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