What Raw Vegans Eat In A Day

What Raw Vegans Eat in a Day – We really wanted to show exactly what we eat on a day. Before we went raw I had no idea that you could only eat fruits and vegetables and not only that what would the meal plan look like?

We have been raw for 8 months and finally we feel like we are getting a grasp on our meal plans and how to stay fully raw and satisfied through out our day. I didn’t know when we started but our portion size has increased and we are being able to eat more and more. thus putting on more healthy weight and muscle!

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  1. How long have you been eating a full melon in the morning? I too have been eating a full honeydew and half a gali melon in the morning and wondering if there is negatives of this?

  2. Umm,,, why do I see a new animal walk by each time… How many cats do you have geez…. You guys just be rich because you eat all of that in a day plus you feed all of those animals

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