What my HCLF Whole Food Plant Based VEGAN Kids Eat in a day

This was a random day that I picked to do this video. Nothing was staged. This is what my kids usually eat on a daily basis. Their school lunch basically stays the same accept for some times the veggies are fruit, or different veggies all together. Sandwich is always the same and so are the snacks.
Dinner is what ever I cook for my husband and I they eat too. They eat all their food!! and love it. My son is the picky eater so he is more difficult to please. Anna eats everything!
Fork over knives hummus recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql4VI3tC15E


  1. Gosh aren’t carnists judgemental. Your children are beautiful and like mine are not carrying any fat and look really healthy. My daughter is full of energy, never sits still and is wonderfully slim. The people at school who call her anorexic are just jealous and are unaware of what anorexia is. Some people are just so dumb and brainwashed the meat and dairy ‘industry’ and have no idea about nutrition

  2. God I wish my daughter would eat this healthy, she is darn picky lol I’m just curious are you Mexican? I was just here browsing on YT and I stumbled upon your channel, your Black Eyed Pea recipes caught my eye 🙂

  3. Do your kids go to a school where other kids eat meat? If so, how do your children react to that? Do they feel curiosity towards meat? And if so, how do you handle these situations? my husband and I are vegetarians but not yet parents, so researching and preparing

  4. Nini your kids are so beautiful! I can only dream of my son eating like that, he refuses to try anything healthy, I’ve tried everything, every bribery! Maybe i will show him this video and see if he will cave. Are you Greek? (if too personal you don’t have to answer)
    I always love all your videos!
    xo Michele

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