What I REALLY eat for breakfast (hint: it’s NOT just juice)

Today I want to talk to you about an extremely important part of my morning routine and something you should NEVER skip…


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  1. Not sure if anyone will see this
    But is it ok to do nutribullet ???
    My drinks are thicker because of skin

    But I do cucumber
    Green apple
    And turmeric
    Paleo protein powder
    Vitamin c

  2. Hi, I don’t juice but, I do green smoothies in the morning and after dinner. Two a day. I’ve been doing so much research trying to figure out what is best. We’ve been eating paleo combined with green smoothies. I do the green smoothies my husband won’t touch them. It’s really hard to juice if you can’t afford a pricy good juicer. It’s even hard making green smoothies when you can’t afford a good blender but, I’m certainly trying. My husband’s knees are shot he has no cartilage left at all in them and still works. We’re in our later 50’s well my husband just turned 60 in June and I turned 58 in June. Any help for my husband’s knees. He doesn’t have any medical insurance and it cost $50,000 to $60,000 for each knee replacement. Need your help please and Thank you.💖 in Advance Roxanne

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