WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) #8 | Healthy, Easy & Delicious Vegan Meals

Today I’m sharing another what I eat video with you all, showing you some of my favourite recipes at the moment! Honestly I think I’m addicted to the caesar salad, i’ve been eating it every single day (oops).

Also just want to add, if you notice the changing nail colour etc. its because I record a full day of meals and then film them all on separate days because of lighting/time purposes but it is what I’ve eaten (except for smaller snacks) on one day!

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‘Monroe’ by Lakey Inspired

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  1. Yum! They don’t have Caesar salad in Germany, so I haven’t eaten that in such a long. I probably should just make the dressing by myself… but tbh I didn’t think of that until now. Great video 💕💕

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