What I Eat In A Day VAN LIFE VEGAN Mom

See what I eat in a day as a vegan mom living in a van. Also, see how I can make boiling pasta seem difficult haha

Love you all x

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  1. Okay everyone – just because we are currently living and travelling in a van.. DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL DO THIS FOREVER. We plan on basing ourselves in the van as we travel Australia and abroad for the next year. Watch other vids if you have questions. peace x

  2. You can eat purely vegan and be in optimal health! Every day I eat 3-4 bananas, 2-3 tbsp of nut butters, 1 alvocado, 1 sweet potato, 1 potato, various cooked vegetable mix,( 1-2 juiced glasses carrots,kale, apple,) 1/2 bar vegan chocolate, 1 protein either tofu, but usually 3 eggs, or fish. I’m not completely healed from IBD but I’m getting there. The specialist warned me to strictly avoid dairy, gluten, any grain I can’t tolerate. Also I’m not able to eat hard ungrounded foods like seeds, nuts, uncooked hard veggies/fruits it’s very hard for my intestines so I lean on eggs to get full amino acids and protein. Their child is getting the best foundation of health.

  3. omg there is nothing wrong what they eat or what the baby eat it’s health,,, so don’t hate lol they all look GOOD and healthy 😁 so stop hating just because your kids on phone iPad whatever shit there on lol

  4. Raising your baby in a van. Disgusting.
    You should do what your parents did and GET A JOB!!
    you can film and edit and polish this lifestyle up all you want.
    But you are living the life of shiftless bums, and dragging your baby into it. This is straight up child abuse

  5. Hi folks, I admit that I was a bit startled when I first saw the woman’s face on here. Is there a PO Box addy that I can send a bottle of vitamins and some Similac for the baby? Happy trails!

  6. You know those seeds on the sides of strawberries?
    Nature made fruit mites that look exactly like those seeds for a natural camo. Every single batch has a few.
    Is eating bugs still vegan?

  7. out of curiosity, how do you guys make income to buy all your organic foods? and where do you guys defecate without a bathroom? i want to know because i’d like to live a life like this one day too

  8. The quote by Einstein has been debunked. He never said it. As for Benjamin Franklin, he was advised by his doctor to go on a bland diet (like the BRAT diet) due to digestive issues, and both only did it for a short period of time. Both were omnivores. But Hitler was a pretty strict lifelong vegetarian, why not quote him?

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