What I Eat in a Day on the 80/10/10 Fully Raw Vegan Diet

Everything I ate on a raw vegan 80/10/10 diet on 2/3/15.

You can find the nacho recipe here – http://www.erinvolentine.com/feel-good-raw-nachos.html

Fully Raw Recipe Books here – http://www.erinvolentine.com/recipe-books.html

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  1. When i saw the man in the background and read “please excuse the freak show in the background” I died laughing!! Anyhow I am a newly raw vegan and am enjoying your videos.

  2. Those papayas are my fav!!!! It’s really the only kind I like. I find the large ones I don’t like and they taste like vomit and I have to add red cayenne the n it. I love adding like to those. Yum!!!

  3. Just wondering, what is your job? You mentioned working on the computer. My goal is to work from home the majority of the time, I think that’s so great 🙂

  4. It all looked good! I agree I generally prefer juicy fruit during the first part of the day, then “denser” fruits later on. And veggie for dinner. 😉 

  5. Rosebud, I’m very sorry that you feel that way, but I have had several people who have bought the book tell me how much they enjoy it. There are many recipes that do not include mangoes! I will be happy to refund your money if you’d like. Thank you for your honest feedback. 

  6. I was kind of dissapointed by the recipe book I ordered… the recipes are predictable, and nothing most raw vegans haven’t tried by themselves at home. I disliked mostly making recipes based on mangoes… recipe book should cost 99 cents.

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