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Vlog #223 15th March 2017 Cornwall, UK

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  1. i’m seeing you living somewhere like a Provence village, in France, picking your vegetables from the garden ( and a lavender bouquet for decorating) and preparing something delicious on the outside wooden table..something like a vegan Mimi Thorisson :)) also you look a little with winona ryder. Maybe we ll have some vegan desserts next time?:D

  2. Your breakfast combo is such a good combo 😍😍 the soup looks so easy to make!! I haven’t made a potato and leek soup but I’ve always wanted to try it

  3. hey a question that i hope that you can answer me, the first dish how do you make it hot or cold? (sorry for any gramatical mistakes that i colud have made) greetings from Mexico

  4. hello gorgeous, you didn’t update the next day like you said, I hope you’re alright.♥ don’t stress about getting videos out everyday. it’s always lovely to see and hear you talk but don’t put to much pressure on. I really wanna try the miso soup btw, it looks so good everytime you make it 🙂

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