What I Ate // EASY High Protein Meals

I actually weighed my food today to prove a point. NEVER AGAIN THO.

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//Paleo Vegan Cookie Recipe:

Egg-free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo, Vegan)


  1. Hey girl, yesterday was my first day at the gym, and I’m very clueless about almost everything, I want to build muscle but I don’t know which exercises to do, how many reps, how much, weight, how many days should I go to the gym, I don’t know, everything seems very complicated, I would love you to do a video or a series of videos when you explain build muscle for dummies, because I don’t even know where to start

  2. When i was lifting heavy i had trouble meeting my protein goals. Thx for the ideas!!!! After losing 70 lbs it makes me nervous not to count calories, but im going to try that. Lot less stress for sure!

  3. This should helo me out immensely…you, along with Rawvana,Caitlin Shoemaker, and BrothersGreenEats are helping me discover a lot of vegan meals that are not only healthy, but VERY delicious! (Even though I’m not vegan, I love the variety and tastes of vegan meals….especially when they get creative. 😍)

  4. The silk brand has been found to have glyphosate chemicals in it. I stopped buying it. I can’t remember who found it, maybe Mike Adams. But i’ve seen it on the internet.

  5. I just saw the Harper’s bazaar vid about what Miranda Kerr eats in a day and it’s such a horrible vid for 5 thousand reasons. Sarah, you’re a treasure with such a great POV. gadluvya.

  6. i love your videos so much and I’m not vegan but you’ve inspired me to try out these meals. They look so yummy and I never knew you can actually get enough protein from a plant base diet. I tend to workout 5 days per week and will definitely be switching some of my meat protein for these delicious alternatives. Because of you I started eating tofu because you’re recipes are so easy to follow and delicious thank you!!!

  7. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Thank you so much for posting all these great ideas. I bought a lot of vegan type foods/things I don’t usually buy to ease into the transition and your meal ideas are really helpful!

  8. Hey Sarah! Try the Trader Joe’s Serrano Salsa Fresca! It’s suuuper yummy, and is fairly mild. Found it in the cold case last time I went shopping, and I did a little happy dance when I tried it! (Warning for those who hate Cilantro, because this has it!)

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