What a Raw Vegan Eats in a Day!

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  1. wow, did she just say she usually eats that whole bowl of salad. !! man I’m a fat girl and I couldn’t even finish that off. hats off to you skinny lady

  2. Doug Graham is no “God”. Just cuz he says something don’t make it right. You be fine with only occasionally eating the leafy greens. Humans are frugavores. And it’s much better to minimize the smoothie crap. Also minimize the dressings crap!!

  3. You eat a lot.My god this salad is huge. It is for 4 persons on a table at dinner, or 2 people (hungry). Also for breakfast: one big watermelon, it is big. One or 2 slices is good enough. But why not, if you feel like it. I am impressed by your portions.

  4. I always question why the food pyramid was created to meet healthy diet. That’s what the school system taught students but they sure over looked Vegetarian right.

  5. It is not about the calories you are consuming as a vegan, but it is about the NUTRIENTS you are absorbing in your body. No human can function at their best ability without the major nutrients, and looking at her diet… I see no source of protein or fat. Just carbs. I highly DO NOT recommend following this kind of diet, there are healthier options, please do not limit your body! You can also tell she looks very bloated, probably from all the carbs she is absorbing.

  6. Do some nice cheap recipes please! Im sill in high school and i just started relying on myself for food rather than my mom, and since i have money and a car now its easy to just grab fast food cause its quick and cheap. But please please recommend me some alternative vegan (or raw) CHEAP ((-:: recipes!(:

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