Ways To Make Edible Snowmen For Christmas- Food Life Hacks (DIY FROSTY)

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** These are simple ideas to make an edible snowman for christmas!

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  1. the way I did a snowmen was

    that I got a wood stick and three marshmallows and put the three marshmallows on the stick . Then I got a cookie for the hat and kinda screw it in on the stick and once the cookie is on the stick push up the marshmallows up but softly . Then for the nose I used a tic tac the orange one and put it on the face. Then for the arms I used pretzels and put them on the side . Then for the eyes I used M&Ms and frosting. Instead put the frosting just a small dot and then put the M&Ms . also do the same thing with the buttons just put three dots of frosting and put the M&Ms on . Then for the scarf I used twizzlers but I had to take the lines and take one of the lines and put it around the neck. And that’s it

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