Vlogmas Week 3 | Meal Prepping, Christmas Shopping, & Pottery Barn


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Vlog Camera http://go.magik.ly/r/glamtwinz334/11489

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  1. So I’m taking down my twist out as I watch this thinking thinking “Man this is turning out much better than usual” when I turn back to the screen and see this 5:41 … My spirit! You crushed it!

  2. I’m mad I was watching this video and the screen said 12/15/15😩😩😩 and I recognized Kelsey glam look and thought I seen it before!!lol!

  3. Heyyy Kendra & Kelsey!!! I’m a new subbie I’ve been watching y’all vids for about 2 weeks now….and it’s just so ironic to me because I’m also from Montgomery but not just that our bday is the exact same day 😍…I love y’all and keep up all the good work loves 💯💕👭

  4. I like the glam twinz I love their hair I love the way they do their makeup but I feel like when they blog they should have a lil more life they seem really really dead they hardly ever smile and that for me would make their videos a lil better ..

  5. Kelsey – I often do the same thing when I’m trying to settle down from the day & sleep. Something that helps me is creating lists of my tasks for the day and/ or the week in my reminders -OR- plugging them into calendar if it’s an event in my iPhone so I always know everything I have going on, I never feel like I forgot anything, and it helps me set priorities.

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