Vlog | My Diet Explained, Vegan Grocery Haul & Vegan Chili Bowl Recipe

May 19th, 2016☼READ ME▼
ooooh my goodness I finally found an amazing vegan supermarket in Tokyo, it’s taken me this long to find it and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Today I did my nails (cheek nail styleチークネイル), I had a nice vegan lunch, then discovered the greatest supermarket in Tokyo. See what I got and see what I made for dinner! hope you like this vlog!

Music by:
1. Ira Wolf- Sunshine Tomorrow
2. Tove Lo- Habits (Sabotage Remix)

3. Qole- Machine Washable

What I’m wearing:
sweater: Emoda
Jeans: Topshop- Hayden
Shoes: New Balance
Bag: Chanel Boy (Navy Blue)
Lipstick: Kylie Jenner Lipkit- Koko K
Glasses: They’re pretty old, but I think I got them in some small shop in Shibuya 109!

Things mentioned:
1. Lunch Place: Island Veggie
2. National Azabu (supermarket I went shopping in)
3. Nissen (International supermarket I bought corn chips in)

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  1. I’m vegan myself, and you’re right. The vegan community is scary sometimes. I don’t understand why they’re like that. There was a YouTuber who stopped being vegan and everyone started attacking her. I don’t understand… people should just live like they want to, but instead they get attacked by every single thing they do. I was assuming you were plant-based since you’re a model, and that chilli looks so yummy! I’m going to make it too!

  2. So I come from a Mexican house hold and a lot of our food has meat and stuff, sure there are vegan options but personally it’s not something that I’m into. I went to a camp and a the girl I roomed with is vegan, and respect to her but at night she dumped all my food my mom made for me to eat in the morning and my snacks. That and she gave me a lecture in the morning. Honestly it pissed me off so bad.

  3. I was vegan for 2 years to try it out…I cooked alot of Mexican dish and Asian …they have the most flavors so I wouldn’t miss meat so much…nice dish Taylor

  4. i had to go back to tihs video to figure out if u were vegan or not and I feel also better not being called vegan but just have a diet with less meat and dairy product atleast its a bit better. I love your videos btw <3

  5. Fortunetaly we have some great vegan nut cheese in Germany but it’s very expensive so we just buy it for special events like christmas or birthday. The manufactory is at my hometown, that’s great.

  6. Ok this may sound crazy but I opened youtube wanting to listen to Sunshine Tomorrow. I couldn’t remember the name of the song though, so I saw this vid on my reccomendations and decided to watch it instead. Imagine my face when the song I wanted to listen to started playing :’)

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