Vietnamese Style Stir Fry | $10 Challenge COLLAB ft Sweet Simple Vegan

Today’s video is a $10 challenge collab with Jasmine and Chris from Sweet Simple vegan! This Vietnamese-style stir fry is something I grew up eating, using a simple base of bouillon, soy sauce, and scallion for flavour.


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  1. Awsome! your videos help my vegetarian journey ( not a vegan 😀 maybe in the near future) become more easier than ever. I’m viet and sometimes I struggle to find a recipe that I can use viet ingredients. Thank you!

  2. Im so glad I found your channel!! I’m vegan and my husband is vietnamese (hes not vegan) but I love cooking vietnamese food that is vegan so we can at least meet halfway lol.

  3. Hahaha that seasoning sauce, not soy sauce. My room mate and I found that out a couple of weeks ago when we realize we kept referring it to soy sauce. Growing up we were always told that it’s soy sauce 😩

  4. omggg I’m so happy I found you! I’m a vegetarian newbie, but it makes me sad to think that I won’t be able to eat traditional viet meals that my mamma makes anymore 🙁 thank god I found you though! I can still make viet meals wooo thank you!!!

  5. Somewhat random question…
    I made the mistake of planting.Vietnamese coriander in with my bell pepper plants, not knowing the coriander would go CrAzY in there.
    What would you (or your mom) do with so much Vietnamese coriander?!

    Love you, your mom, Eddie and all your videos!

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