Victorian Farm Christmas Episode III

Victorian Farm Christmas. Goodman, Langlands and Ginn return to the Acton Scott Estate after a year away to re-create preparations for a Victorian Christmas

Episode III. Ruth Goodman and food historian Ivan Day try their hand at making a Christmas pudding.


  1. A heartwarming show. This, the 1900 house, and 1940 house have shown me the difference in the standard of living between my country and yours. Such hard work for every little thing. And what great personalities the 3 of them have!

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  3. Amazing. Every single time that Ruth does these little crafts both in these episodes as well as in the war time ones, I just watch in amazement. I have to say though, I love how dirty Peter gets from all that hard work they do. Builds character LOL 😉

  4. I found this series to be educational and also delightful. It was really hard work back then, and the team approached the activities with a very positive attitude. Kudos to the cook who put up with the pompous food historian who ignored her when she commented about cutting through the layers of the pie.

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