Victorian Farm Christmas Episode II

Victorian Farm Christmas. Goodman, Langlands and Ginn return to the Acton Scott Estate after a year away to re-create preparations for a Victorian Christmas

Episode II. The team tackles their biggest project yet: restoring the village blacksmith’s forge.


  1. Imagine that in 100 years there will be a sries showing life of the early XXI century:
    “In 2015 people started to prefer internet over the tv, now I’m going to attempt to watch old Youtube for 12 h, just like in the good old days of our great grandparents”

  2. I prefer Ruth’s narrating waaaaaaay more than Lucy Worsley’s (whose voice and way of speaking I can’t stand). Please Ruth, make more histoy programs, you are the best

  3. I appreciate Christmas celebration now after watching how much effort and back-breaking work goes into preparation for the simple occasion compared to going to shops and buying ready made gift wraps, mini trees and ornaments. I hope children nowadays watch more of these to appreciate everything around them with a grateful heart.

  4. First of all, Jews would never be there. Second, we know that reality says that estate people were very poor. Why do you romanticize this era of history when we we know there was no empathy for the poor? Goodman, you’d never would’ve been there just as I wouldn’t have been at any Jewish celebrations. Let’s see who attacks me. The ever royalty struck this is how it was and is English. You are not English. You’re Jewish. I understand the distinction. I’ve been to Israel. I’m not Jewish. Why comment? Victoria was a sickening royal figure who was almost assasinated seven times. I could never go to Israel and pretend to be you. Ms. Goodman.

  5. I love the way they leave their little stuff-ups in and use them as an opportunity to teach. Ruth’s terrible time using the sewing machine was hilarious. The conservation log they almost burned in the hearth was a big one but they still let us see it.

  6. ever since my first introduction to Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and reading this great story, I’ve been fascinated with all things Victorian. these episodes are such a gift for me, many thanks for this great series!!

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