Victorian Cosmetics Application- A Quick How -To

Enjoy this short video showing how to apply victorian makeup using original recipes.
This video was taken on the phone.. not really planned, but we had many requests to post it. If you are interested in the original cosmetics check out our shop.


  1. I like how simple and natural it looks.  And it’s so quick.  The Bloom of Roses is perfect.  It makes it look like you just came in from a run or something.  Very fresh.

  2. Your videos are amazing. I love learning about this kind of stuff – you don’t find many how yo historical videos (using actual old fashioned ways of applying)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. In a more modern context, would the face powder be any good to set foundation with? It’s tough to find a good setting powder for the palest of pale foundations but this looks like it might do the trick

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