Venison Haunch Roast – For your perfect CHRISTMAS DINNER

VENISON HAUNCH Roasted for the christmas dinner

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– 1 venison haunch
– fresh garlic cloves
– fresh rosemary
– fresh thyme
– 700 ml venison fond
– 300 ml red port wine
– salt and pepper

How To:
– Take off hte bottom part of the leg
– Cut out the bone from the meat
– String up the meat
– Insert some rosemary and garlic
– Spinkle in some pepper and salt
– Smoke the the venison at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit
– Meanwhile prepare the sauce
– 700 ml venison fond reduced to 1/3
– Add some fresh stalks of rosemary and thyme
– add 300 ml red port wine and reduce to 1/3 again
– add some butter
– When the core temperature reaches 57 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Fahrenheit the roast is done
– Let the roast rest for 15 minutes before carving it at the table.

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  1. Major problem.  There is no such thing as “venison fond” (or broth) anywhere.  Not in South Florida.  I can’t even find it online.

    This sucks man!  I have the ham and wanted to do it tomorrow for Sunday dinner for the family.

    I’ve no idea what to do for the sauce now.

    And can you imagine, these BUTCHERS don’t know what BUTCHERS STRING is!

  2. Wait.  That is the upper leg, right?  I think it’s called venison HAM here.  If so, I have one in my freezer that someone was kind enough to give me 2 weeks back.  I was wondering “how in the world am I going to prepare this?”  I was thinking steaks and a stew.  But, I think I’ll try it like this.

  3. I honestly can’t tell you which I enjoy the most, your cooking or your videography skills. Both are impressive. I aspire to meet your video standard. Very nicely done!

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