Vegetarian and vegan recipes. Typical dishes of vegetarian Italian cuisine

Looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes? Italian fast and delicious dishes? VegMenu is the app for you!
VegMenu is an app to prepare lots of vegetarian and vegan Italian recipes. Cooking in vegetarian and vegan version some of the typical recipes of the Italian cuisine.

A cookbook full of appetizers, first courses, main courses, salads, side dishes and delicious cakes, children’s recipes, quick dishes to suit every palate.

With VegMenu you will:
• Browse through hundreds of vegetarian and vegan recipes for free!
• Cook many recipes of Italian cooking in vegetarian and vegan version.
• Choose the number of portions and VegMenu automatically calculate quantities.
• Get help step by step in preparing the recipe.
• View the nutritional values and calories for each recipe to keep in shape!
• Find menus for all occasions: Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter, Halloween etc…
• Having a shopping cart where to put the ingredients to buy.
• Having a kitchen timer, to respect the cooking times.
• A spaghetti doser to always respect the portions.

A diet based on plant foods is:
• Ethics, because it respects the animals
• Eco-sustainable, because it respects the environment
• Healthy, because it respects the well-being of your body and of your mind.
A vegetarian or vegan diet prevents many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia and Parkinson’s.

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