Vegetable Lasagna – Indo Italian Style Recipe

Nothing can beat this Fresh Homemade Lasagna that’s made with homemade sauces, fresh cooked veggies and the freshly made pasta sheets. It looks like a lot of work but trust me, it can be done in an hr when you multi task in your kitchen. If you are a busy person, cook this much ahead of time and assemble the layers, refrigerate. And put it to bake whenever to want to enjoy a flavorful meal. It is that simple.

Full Recipe:

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  1. This looks amazing. I just recently started eating vegetarian and im really glad i found your recipe, im definitly going to make this. Id love to also see a vegetarian tiki masala type recipe if you know of any!

  2. Looks wonderful. I will target this for the weekend! Must say the American kitchen is always well stocked with the right ingredients and implements. The run around to get prepared for cooking in India is a little tiring.

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