Vegan weight gainer shake – 1,000 calories!

I’ve heard the requests and have finally responded. If you’re having trouble getting in enough calories, this shake will be your go-to meal! This vegan weight gainer shake is over 1,000 calories!

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  1. Great video! This smoothie looks delicious, but maybe too much protein for me… I am not even supposed to have protein powder in my smoothie, but I do so I am already pushing it a lot…

  2. I don’t seem to have problems getting in calories (but I’m totally a junk food vegan bc I don’t do it for my health). The smoothie still looked AMAZING, I love smoothies!!

  3. Love this video! 1. You thought about the Orangutans 2. You use a hand blender 3. I’m an old school Europe fan (Aka The Final Countdown.) 4. You froze your bananas.

    Keep building them Gainz! 💕

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