Vegan Thanksgiving Part 1

Hey Youtubers, we hope you’ve been well this Fall season! As you know Thanksgiving is quickly approaching us which means we get to make a special edition episode all centered around festive thanksgiving food! These recipes found in this video are really delicious and animal free! A common misconception is that most people think that Vegans are missing out on a lot of delicious, traditional meals, and this video is here to break that myth! In this video Chef Jas will give you her vegan recipes for homemade stuffing, mac and cheese, and Cauliflower steaks. Stay tune for part two coming out very soon! As always, Happy Transitioning!


So the recipes for the Mac and Cheese and Cauliflower Steaks were my own but to get an idea of what traditional Stuffing looked like I went to Laura in the Kitchen as a reference. Below is the link to that video.


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