VEGAN THAI CURRY – high carb low fat, raw til 4

1 cup mushrooms
1 small red pepper
1 medium carrot
half red onion
2-4tbsp red or green thai curry paste
2-3tbsp gluten free flour
2 cups coconut milk (carton, not can to keep low fat)
plenty of rice

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  1. Im Thai and always cook Thai food, pls try coconut milk in 1st step then add curry paste in medium low heat for awhile until boiled. then add all veggies and other ingredients. this will help for more fragrance.

    suggest 1more herb…. sweet basil… this is a must for Thai curry !!

  2. This tastes great! However, I made mine with rice milk instead of coconut milk, and 2 cups of rice milk was way too much. It took 20 minutes to cook the sauce down and thicken it a bit. Still a great recipe though!

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