Vegan Recipes | Vegan Breakfast | By: Lexy Panterra & Natalie Mejia

Vegan Recipes | Vegan Breakfast | By: Lexy Panterra & Natalie Mejia

Hey guys!

Me and Natalie made some delicious vegan breakfast!! Super fast and easy 🙂 Follow the receipt below !

1 pack of extra firm tofu
Bell Peppers
Rudi’s Whole Wheat Toast
Siracha Sauce
Abodo Seasoning
Veggie Bacon

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Lexy Panterra @lexypanterra
Natalie Mejia @nataliemejia


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  1. Veganism is the dumbest thing ive ever heard of, literally all the points of veganism can be covered by being vegetarian

    Ive picked up eggs from actual chickens on a ranch before and they literally couldnt give two rats dicks wether those eggs were there or not, in fact, a lot of those eggs would have just rotted away cuz not all eggs hatch into chicks

    Same goes for milk from cows, its actually healthy for the cow to be milked, if you dont they develop mastitis and their udder becomes inflamed

    Please tell me the point of being vegan again?

  2. I like the vegan food video. I just wish it had more detail on how much of this and that go on the other stuff. Honestly, I haven’t a clue about that, just the list of ingredients. :/ Maybe you could put a link to the recipe or just list it with the ingredients.

  3. Oh your vegan are you, no animal products… what about all the animal stuff used in common household items like cleaning products & probably the leather in your car seats/chairs oh and probably the leather in your handbags….

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