Vegan Recipe: ZOMBIE CUPCAKES (Halloween) | Edgy Veg

Learn how to make creepy halloween treats for your scary party!! This Zombie will show you how to make bloody vegan cupcakes that are gluten free and super easy to bake!!!!

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I’m the Edgy Veg, a regular gal who wants you to be able to make delicious easy vegan recipes; whether you’re a veteran, becoming a vegan or just like vegan food! Hopefully my vegan cooking will help you love what you eat regardless of your food preference!

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Awesome shooting by: Shannon Litt
Editing by: Dave Sherren GET THE NEW COOKBOOK:


  1. I freaking love all your videos! You crack me up😂. I have been watching you for years and have never commented but finally had to because I just bought your book! Can’t wait to get it in the mail. Also can’t wait for halloween🎃🎃🎃⚡️⚡️⚡️

  2. Wow, your make up looks amazing! I love that you even did your nails in the same style.
    I think I will make these cupcakes for our Halloween party this year. The music was also nice btw 🙂

  3. loved this +Edgy Veg!  though i have to say the awesomeness of your makeup and setup eclipsed the cupcakes even 😉  btw i’ve been meaning to tell you how very impressive your editing is!  your little self popping up with the subscribe card and your interactive end cards are amazing!  I’m super jealous of your mad skillz in the kitchen and on the computer! mad vegan props 🙂

  4. I don’t usually find cupcakes appetizing, and I am so over the zombie thing, but, oddly enough, I totally enjoyed this video and am gonna make these cupcakes on the weekend.  Reverse psychology at work, maybe?  Thanks for posting, evil mastermind : )

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