Vegan Recipe: How to make a McChicken Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

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!Welcome to this weeks menu item for the I’m vegan’ it McDonalds series! This vegan McChicken sandwich is so close to the real thing that you will have to do a double take (assuming you did not make it yourself). I will show you how to make the seitan patty, super breading and vegan the signature McChicken sauce.

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I’m the Edgy Veg, a regular gal who wants you to be able to make delicious easy vegan recipes; whether you’re a veteran, becoming a vegan or just like vegan food! Hopefully my vegan cooking will help you love what you eat regardless of your food preference

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  1. I am not vegan but I like animals, Im okay with eating animals since you can easily breed them (so sorry for saying this)

  2. I spent 3 hours today making this and it was super dry and really didn’t have any flavour. I dunno if I did something really wrong but I didn’t use all the same ingredients and portions. I was so SAD!

  3. Putting the word “vegan” in front of a meat product doesn’t make it a plant based food.

    A chicken will psychologically always be an animal, no matter if you call it “vegan chicken”!! 😛

  4. God you are annoyingly goofy, are you really like this in eat time. Ingratiating actually. Like some kind of mental disorder, sorry but I can’t look any more

  5. Idk there’s something special about your face. You’re so beautiful to me! I think that’s why I watch cause I’m not vegan and have no plans to become vegan lol

  6. Hello I do not have an oven and am a new vegan and lately I’ve really been craving a chicken sandwich. Since my Boyfriend has been bringing them home a lot. So I really want to make this. Is there any way to do the chicken on a stovetop or microwave or another way to do it?

  7. why oh why, I been spending so much time watching lots of your videos and now I am so freaking HUNGRY!!!
    Could you ship me some of the Buffalo Hot Wings please 🙂

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