Vegan Pulled Pork made with Mushrooms in 10 Minutes!

Today I show you how to make a tasty vegan pulled pork sandwich with king oyster mushrooms. A quick and easy vegan recipe to get all that savory flavor and organic protein.


Switching to a plant based diet can seem daunting but you don’t have to lose all the flavor or even textures. King oyster mushroom pull apart like strands of pork and you can season and add in sauce to get that mesquite flavor.

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  1. Can’t wait to try this! So nice you care about animals, your health, and the environment too. This younger generation – YOU- are awesome. Your generation is doing a GREAT job!

  2. Ohhh well… So basically you just fry some shrooms with a weird combination of spices, misuse the term for Maillard reaction aaand that’s it… Well, whatever gets you around, brother! 😀 Keep it up….! 🙂
    My recommendation – throw in some bashed bay leaf and all spice, keep the paprika away and pour a drop of some liquor in it at the end… B-) Peated single malt, preferably 😀

  3. Forcefully eating his own food 😂 bro get some regular mushrooms sweat them out add a little bit of oil to soften them up a bit more then add flour and veggie stock to complete the gravy 👌 simple and delicious 😋 oh and you may add what ever condiments you like…you cook with your nose and taste buds ☝

  4. Thank you for the vegan options. I have been looking for a few meat alternatives. I have been working with vital wheat gluten but it has its own particular flavor that comes through in anything I make with it. I also have been doing stuff with TVP, which is coming out good. Though this recipe appeals to me, since my little family are big fans of mushrooms. So this is right up our alley. 😀

  5. After years of chicken and fish only, Hubbs Harry and I just went totally vegan!! YAY! WE love it. I have been making tacos , tamales, and pulled pork with the green jack fruit, but we will also try this way too. Thank you and G-d bless!

  6. thank you for not lying about the taste of meat…I too eat vegan for the love of animals but do enjoy the taste and texture…always looking for replacement recipes…thanks again.

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