Vegan Meal Prep II |*Freezer Edition*| Mock Chickathon | Korenn Rachelle

Okay, so what was suppose to be 10 consecutive days of mock chicken recipes turned into 5 and the rest slowly making their debut. What can I say… my sincerest apologies for my inconsistent uploads. I won’t make any excuses. In any case, I hope this makes up for lost time. I have another meal prep video coming so I hope you enjoy them, and I see you in a few days with the last mock chicken videos, tfw!

Gluten-free Vegan Burger Buns:

Watch in 1020p if your device permits 😎

Recipe Blog Post:

:Mock Chicken Recipes:
•No Mushrooms [Seitan Only]

•Party Portions [Chicken* Wings]

•Wet Cooking Applications [ Stewed Chix*]

•Dry Cooking Applications [Baked Chix]


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  1. I couldn’t find the GF bread recipe on your blog! Do you have another place I could look to try it out for my family! Thanks for your great videos! 🙂

  2. These recipes are amazing. I’ve recently found out that I’m gluten sensitive so the fact that you make items gluten free and vegan is fantastic! Thank you!!

  3. Love your background music, and video is great, great voice… can we see you? Also a bio on how long you have been doing this and what was your inspiration?

  4. What were the 2 different condiments you put in your mock chicken burger sandwich with the side of fries? Btw, great recipes. I am a grad student and have been thinking of doing freezer meals so that I have more time to study and go to work. Much appreciated!

  5. That vegan chicken patty looks good, and the sausage too, can you make a vegan burger that looks super beefy, like a quarter pounded? that would be awesome Queen.

  6. Which mock chicken recipe was used for the sandwich? I’ve watched all of the mock meat videos, but I can’t seem to find that specific recipe. I checked the description as well. Thanks 😊

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