Vegan Mayo – Super easy & tasty recipe!

I tried my hand at making vegan mayo last week, but used vanilla flavored soy because I couldn’t wait. That was a mistake, so here I it again, using unsweetened soy to make the perfect vegan mayo. It’s so easy!


  1. It’s still not thick enough. When you take mayo out of a jar you don’t put your hand underneath the spoon. For some reason my mayonnaise is thicker. It still looks nice though and I would use it it’s just a little less thick than mine comes out and sometimes when it’s thicker it’s harder to stir through like potato salad. It’s August so I’m craving some potato salad. I’m going to make it tomorrow!

  2. Vegan mayonnaise can be made in a tall cup with a stick blender folks. You don’t need a Blendtec or Vitamix. Due to disabilities with my hands I use my Nutri Ninja Pro Bullet blender Works wonderful and it also works very well for vegan butter.

  3. tips from other people’s mistakes: do not use olive oil, don’t be generous with the mustard (if you’re using dijon mustard). Or else It’ll be butter and spicy. Gross.

  4. Looks really good another thing to add to my list to try. I like the thought of adding peppers. U have thoughts running crazy on things to add to this.😀 Thanks for sharing…

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