Hey guys sometimes you need a good old plate of old fashioned food so here you go my take on the classic macaroni cheese. I find that many vegan cheese in all honestly taste a little odd and have the strangest aftertaste. However, with a little love and creativity you can turn it into a beautiful thing.

The video is a little longer then usual to help those who want to learn a few techniques or just enjoy the longer vid. Any questions comment below. No this isn’t a healthy potato and cashew version so it’s more of a treat then a regular meal so when you do make it ENJOY IT!

I cooked this on 200°C/Gas mark 6 until browned & crispy on top.

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  1. OK, I have watched a bunch of vegan Mac & Cheese recipes on YT and this is the 1st one I want to make!! I am newly vegan so I don’t want bad tasting cheese to deter me from ever trying it! This looks AMAZING and DELICIOUS!!! This will definatly get made this weekend!! TFS Luv!

  2. I came prepared with my own food, so I wouldn’t have to be drooling over yours. lol I’m pretty sure that pasta would not have made it to the oven stage in my house.

  3. I love how creative you are with flavours. I felt like I could smell the onions, chili, etc. it looks like it was fragrant while you cooked it all together. that cheez sauce you made looks amazing!! the whole dish looks amazing!! Your recipe videos rock!!

  4. Do you know that glutenous rice flour- the type you can get from Chinese supermarkets can be used to make cheese? It gives it a ‘stretchy’ texture. I’ve managed to make cheese that when you grill it, it goes stretch and bubbles like regular cheese.

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