Vegan Laos How To Eat Vegan Easy!

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  1. Where is that hotel? Pleaasse tell me I wanna go there 😀 and that food looks soo good, the first one, the vegan restaurant. Could you please telle me the name/location of that restaurant? Looks really yummy :p nice music on the end, you have always such good taste in music 🙂

  2. Dont fucking lie to people. You can not get a place to sleep in laos for $3 a night .Thats just a lie. Cheap dorm perhaps $6 if you are lucky. $10 for a fan room if you are lucky .Expect to pay about $12-15 for a budget room. Dont be lured to Laos thinking its a vegan cheap skate paradise . May be this ball bag wants to start another chiang mai type fucking wanker cult in laos.

  3. Wrinkley under utilized ball bag! Hey you seen that guy freelees with? fuck I would fuck him! Hes so humble and un effected just like you. she looks so happy now with her botox and swedish fella.And your eating cold slop in vienteine. Muppet

  4. Durian, I’m curious as to why you aren’t eating raw as much anymore? Don’t you miss the life energy from fruit/veggies? You can’t tell me that those spring rolls with canola oil are a “healthy fat”…

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