Vegan Frappuccino Starbucks Recipe | The Edgy Veg

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How to make an easy vegan frappuccino at home. This homemade blended iced coffee recipe will change your summer!

Today Edgy Veg shows you how to make your very own caramel vegan frappuccino. The recipe that changed her life

!This iced frappuccino drink comes complete with a vegan coconut cream on top to make your mouth water with iced coffee delight

Vegan Caramel Recipe: or

Vegan Frappuccino Full Recipe:

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I’m the EdgyVeg, a regular person who wants you to be able to make easy vegan recipes, whether you’re a veteran or becoming a vegan. Hopefully my vegan cooking will help you love what you eat regardless of your food preference

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  1. Yes fatty cream you coconut cream at top is yummy!!!! Taste so good. I don’t care what ppl saying. Because they just want to cover it how bad it is to drink regular milk & meat eater to feel better.
    I just say. IF? IF Coconut oil, coconut milk is bad. Okay, let it be. But it can not bad than whipping cream. If it bad then both is bad at same level LOL
    I can drink these yummy drink all day, anytime!!! I have 2cup a day (depend whatever matcha latte or frappuccino matcha/chocolate mocha/mango, strawberry,etc..) & 1 or 2cup vegan coffee. And still thin (I’m 5feet, 42kg) not gain any weight. Btw, I don’t add sugar.

  2. Okay so lets just say I made this instead of buying a frappe, then will everyone stop going on about how she bought one? Now it’s all balanced out and everyone can chill the fuck out

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