Vegan Food Haul | Healthy on a Budget!

Hiii lovelies! I’ve had a few requests to film a video sharing what I buy at the grocery store as a vegan! Everything shown here is from Aldi, and is relatively cheap in my opinion 🙂 I really wanted to show you all just how EASY and CHEAP eating a vegan can really be as many people for some weird reason always think it’s expensive… when it isn’t at all!

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  1. So happy to have found an Australian vegan who does cheap hauls instead of the fancy ones with all those magical powders and foods that you cost an arm and a leg 😀 I’ve never been to Aldi cause here in SA in only opened this year I think, and it’s just too far from me (no car…). I was comparing a few prices I could see in your video with Coles, it seems similar for the non-brand items. Would you say that Aldi is cheaper that Coles as a whole, enough for me to try and get a ride to go there ??

  2. Wow the produce section at your Aldi’s is amazing compared to the selection we have in the US! And I can sitter my local store to have a pretty plentiful selection but yours without a doubt puts it to shame!

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