Vegan Dinner Recipe: Tex- Mex Spaghetti Squash Casserole with Cheezy Topping

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Hello everyone! In this video, I share how to make tex-mex spaghetti squash bake/casserole. This recipe serves 6 and is a great make-ahead dish to share with your loved ones- or to eat all by yourself like I did LOL! Make sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram if you make it and as always, I hope you enjoy!!

Recipe Substitutions
– You can totally throw any any veggies you have around the house, I cant really think of anything that would ruin this dish haha (some suggestions: brocolli, yellow squash, pumpkin puree for a fall-themed dish, jalapeno, diced tomatoes, mushrooms)
– Any beans would work: chickpeas, navy beans, pinto beans, probably even lentils
– Salsa is optional if you dont like spice, just use more tomatoe sauce or some canned diced tomatoes
– The topping is optional and you could even use your favorite cheese flavored chip to make it even easier!
– To make it grain free, leave off the topping OR use a grain free chip like plentils or beanitos!

Serving Suggestions:
– For non vegans: sour cream or cheese would probably be really good with this. (you can always use the vegan versions of these form the store though if you are vegan!)
– For vegan and non-vegans: quinoa/rice/barley/farro (or really any grain), chips and salsa, avocado, hummus


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  1. I found you yesterday and you’re my new favourite youtuber. I have a wheat allergy and you are so helpful with your recipes and meal ideas. ACTUAL LIFESAVER.

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