Vegan Dinner Party Recipes : Making Chickpea Appetizers for Vegan Dinner Recipes

Learn about how to make chickpea appetizers for a vegan dinner party with expert vegan cooking tips in this free vegan recipe video on throwing a vegan dinner party.

Expert: Marieve Herington
Bio: Marieve Herington has had a passion for the culinary arts and entertaining since she was very young, opening her first freelance event coordinating and catering company when she was only 16.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. Animal protein is actually not beneficial to the body, especially in meat form. Consuming meat is acidic to our bones and releases calcium from the bones. I know what you are thinking, “so drink milk”. Milk has other side effects too. I mean if you look at any society where this diet/lifestyle is practiced you see the negative long term and short effects on the society. Things like obesity, heart disease, etc..

  2. To all the silly people who think meat is necessary for muscles, bones, blood, and general health etc – ask an elephant, a rhinoceros, or even a gorilla how he manages to survive :-))
    Hey and milk is another mistaken attitude – we are the only mammal on earth that consumes milk after it has been weaned – It’s actually really bad for us – the molecules are huge for our digestive systems to assimilate (or break down) hence loads of allergies and IBS problems, plus it isn’t even from our mothers!

  3. @cathavenfostermom1 food is food to me meat or veg my only issue is certain vegans try to make u feel bad 4 eating meat …my argument to them is…are they gonna try to tell a brown bear not to eat fish? lol

  4. @dstkl96 Of course. You just go and get your own salad, don’t be a pussy like a meat eater. Why do you have to hate people who eat meat? Do you see any meat eaters making a fucking scene about vegans? No. All the “activists” are vegetarians, always insulting carnivores. Stop being such a butthole and using the Internet to badmouth others, it’s just like us “hiring hitmen”.

  5. A gammon joint is basically a ham joint which has been cured like bacon. It is different from a bacon joint in that it is a different cut, although a bacon joint can be used as a lower quality alternative. Gammon can be smoked or unsmoked. My preference is for the smoked variety, but this recipe can be made equally successfully with an unsmoked gammon, or indeed a ham joint if you wish.

  6. @dstkl96
    I am not vegan but, I have killed my own food. Most people I know who have to kill their own food never look at meat the same way again. And I know very very few people who have ever killed a chicken/pig/cow

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