Vegan Date Caramel Slice {gluten-free & oil-free}

Easy oat cookie crust, healthy date caramel filling, silky chocolate ganache on top–this Date Caramel Slice is 3 layers of sweet vegan decadence! ▽ L I N K S B E L O W ▽

▷R E C I P E:

▷E B O O K:



  1. hey there, Feasting on Fruit Girl, beside your taste (which is exactly like mine 🙂 ) I adore the style of your videos, everything about them!!!! and THE MUSIC 🙂 I’m curious, do you do the editing yourself? and what about the filming? did you come up with how to do it yourself (what camera and from what angles and distance)…or somebody else guided you ? Thanks!! because you’re pretty good then!! 🙂

  2. this looks divine! I love how you make every single recipe so simple and easy to follow!! and your background is so light and refreshing!! anyway lol, thanks for the recipe 🙂

  3. natlie i want u to reach 20k sub soon
    i am gonna share ur video on fb
    plus i made my mom also sub to ur channel and i have two accounts in both i have sub
    dnt worry i will make u reach more subs

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