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Olivia Herdt (she’s vegan!)


  1. I was just in Japan, and the vegan food is delicious there too–you got me craving cucumber sushi! The meal at Broccoli Revolution looks amazing, especially the tofu satay and mixed fries! Broccoli sorbet?! Oh wow, that is really really interesting! The patio with the pool and chairs is absolutely beautiful! Look at the view! OMG and vegan Thai food is LIIIIIIIFE–seriously want some now!

  2. Remy i’ve been wondering, what do your parents do for work? It’s really cool that they can travel/live abroad! Love your energy and appreciate all the time you put into your channel xoxoxo

  3. Your whole family is so gorgeous haha <3 if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could do an in-depth video of your favourite vegan restaurants/food markets/yummy vendors in Thailand? Love you <3!

  4. ur family is so cute❤️ dw my sister does the same. She gave me an avocado face mask cuz “I’m vegan” She gets more excited about finding accidental vegan food than me xD

  5. I actually got so inspired by all the coconuts that you were eating, that I bought a coconut at the supermarket yesterday. So yummy, but man they’re hard to open! In the end I had to grab a hammer and a mallet out of my toolbox!

  6. Wait is your family vegan? or they just eat vegan with you? Also, how old are you lol I thought you were 19 but I see your traveling a lot and living by your self so I’m guessing your older? lol sorry Im just wondering! :))

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