Vegan Christmas Eve/Day | Food & Fun | Day12

This is the last in the series where I share my a bit of my Christmas Eve and all of the elements of my Christmas Day. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching! 🙂

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Being vegan is something that can make an amazing difference to the lives of animals, people and the environment. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

To learn more about what being vegan is . . . .
Best Speech Ever – Gary Yourofsky

101 Reasons to go Vegan


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  1. Your really fun parents ; ) love all the games you take the time to engage the whole family with and the fact that the kids are all up for it lol or at least humour you ha ha such a cool family

  2. Just watching this as I am preparing for Christmas 2016, love this video. I have some resistance with my ‘most’ significant other not being vegan and lots of pressure for him to cook a turkey for our non vegan family members. Even with 4 vegan members in the family there will be 10 meat eaters so I am totally outnumbered. I just want a vegan Christmas but he is adamant he will cook a turkey himself, and he will. I guess there may be many like me that will be sitting down to the conflict of having meat on the table.

  3. What an awesome family Christmas. Looked like so much fun! That used to be me hiding from the camera and now look! haha I’ve loved your 12 days of Christmas. X x

  4. Thank you for spreading the joy! I went vegan 2 weeks ago after cutting out meat last spring. Never going back. Your thoughtful and entertaining videos are truly helpful:) Loved the “Frozen” moment! Hahaha

  5. Really enjoyed watching all your videos mate. im a new subscriber.. I binge watched a whole bunch of your old ones and had a blast watching them. merry Christmas vegan geezer!

  6. Ahh you have such a beautiful family ♥
    “Vegan Santa Claus!!! Bite Size Vegan Santa Claus” hahah <3
    Ice Age playing on TV, it's my favorite movie, I'm 19, almost 20 but I still love Ice Age movies hahah ^^

  7. I found the vegan butter & cheese you recommended, a big thank you, we have been vegetarian for the last 7 wks or so & have been using soy milk for about the same amount of time, the only thing stopping us going vegan was (I thought) the unavailability of vegan butter & cheese here in the U.K., now we can go the full hog, we just need to learn new recopies to expand our repetitive meals atm, god bless.

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