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I know it’s weird to have a vegan chicken noodle soup recipe in the middle of summer, but sometimes you get sick during the summer and that always calls for hot soup


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  1. Can you get Bell’s poultry seasoning in Canada? If not I need to send you some it has been used for over a hundred years and it is the best poultry seasoning ever made!

  2. I purchase MSG to cook with. Chinese food has never been the same since they took it out! There was also never been a study a credible study that linked msg2 anything in human being including a headache and I was part of one of the studies. My mother always said it gave her a headache and she was allergic to it however I cooked for her for the past year since she broke her hip and she never knew it was in there and never had a headache. I am a physician with a PhD in nutrition. I gave up talking out of my arse for Lent. 🙂

  3. I used two tablespoons of turmeric in a pot of soup once and it smelled horrible and it tasted horrible! Did I use too much turmeric because I am the best soup maker in America and I have never had to dump a pot of soup and that’s what I did. I kind of need to know from somebody because I have another impacted sinus infection I get them fairly regularly they call it chronic but I need some soup. I also rehydrate and Shred a cup of Butler soy curls so I can also get some protein because soup will be all I will eat for the next number of days. I can’t always afford the mock meat. People who worry about the protein could also Wiz up a can of white beans with a little bit of the broth and it will just thicken the soup but provide protein.

  4. i’m super confused because now every typer of pasta is “noodles”. I don’t understand. I don’t mean just here, but every channel has a “something noodles recipe” and then.. it’s pasta? I mean those are fusilli pasta. I’m missing something? Is just an italian thing? Great recipe though, i’m totally gonna do it because i’m sick right now

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