Vegan Cake & Cupcake | Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Vegan Cake & Cupcake | Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day !! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!! And there’s no Valentine’s Day without desserts! So I’m going to show you how you can make and enjoy an easy Vegan Cake & Cupcake recipe. These are some easy dessert recipes that are really delicious and it’s all plant based and vegans. You can make this for Valentine’s Day or for any other day when you have a sweet craving. In this video, we’re going to make 2 different recipes.
Need : Pound Cake Cake Mix
Directions : Put the Pound Cake Cake mix in a large bowl. Then add about a glass of water to the mix. Stir it all together until it’s a smooth and thick consistency with a spoon or a cake mixer. I used a spoon. Cut up 2 bananas in a bowl and mash them up with a spoon or in a blender to replace the eggs needed for the cake. Once it’s all smooth and mashed up, add it to the bowl with the cake mix and water. Oh and I added some raisins for more sweetness but you can skip or replace this if you want.
Then stir it all up together. And once it’s a smooth consistency, put the mix in a pan and into the oven on 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
When it’s done, let it cool for a few minutes and it’s ready to enjoy.
Need : Muffin Mix
Almond Milk
Large Bowl
Directions : Put the muffin mix in your bowl. Then add almond milk to the mix. Add about a glass of it or just eye it. And mix it up together until it’s a smooth consistency with a spoon or a cake mixer. Then put less than a quarter of a tea spoon to the bottom of the cupcake liners so the cupcake doesn’t get stuck. Then put the mix into the cupcake liners and into the oven on 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Once it’s done , give it a few minutes and it’s time to frost! Frost the muffins with some vanilla frosting or any flavor of your choice. Add chocolate sprinkles to them when you’re done. Then they’re ready to enjoy, fruity too because the muffin mix is fruity. Enjoy!

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