Vegan Burger Taste Test | Beyond Meat Burger | Tastes Like Meat! | Best Veggie Burger

Welcome to our Vegan Burger Taste Test! We’re looking to find the best vegan burger. We finally get to try the Beyond Meat fresh burgers! We’re also trying the Tofurky and Foodies brand burgers. Not only are these and many other brands delicious burger alternatives, but they also won’t give you heart disease or cancer check these out.

If you have any recommendations on burgers that you think we should try definitely let us know about it. I would recommend using Daiya cheddar if you want to replicate that classic burger flavor.

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  1. I tried the Beyond Meat patty. It was disgusting. I will stick with plain ole soy burgers. Now the Beyond Meat crumbles and microwave meals are tasty.

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