VEGAN BRUNCH RECIPES mini quiches & cinnamon doughnut french toast

‘The HBOT Cookbook’ is HERE!!! You’ll find both the digital format and hardcopy varieties through my Etsy shop – plus oodles more details on what you’ll find beneath the cover.

It’s 34 mostly wholefood plant-based recipes in a 103 page recipe book that also has additional tips and tricks to help you serve up smashingly delicious grub with zero dramas :):)



Cinnamon Doughnut French Toast:

Caramelised Onion & Leek Mini Quiches:




Egyptian Reggae


  1. ugh these recipes all look so delicious!!! can’t wait t try them out – also thought i would let you know i tried out the recipes for the double choc zucchini muffins and the satay tofu rice paper rolls, they were so so good!!!!

  2. You know what ? I’m French and I never had traditional French toast ( even when I wasn’t vegan ! ) but you’re version looks 10000time better !
    Btw where did you buy you’re blue top that you have when you’re trying the toast ? Thank you very much 😘

  3. I agree about the french toast. It has to be soaked…I haven’t had french toast since going vegan. There hasn’t been a recipe that looked worth my time, but I like that you’re using chickpea flour. I think that would work. Now, to replenish my chickpea flour supply…

  4. Hey great video!
    I always use silken tofu(blended) as the egg replacement for Quiche. With nutritional yeast, kala namak and some herbs it tastes really good and also has a good consistency! If you worry about it getting firm use some soyflour, cornstarch or something like this. But when I was out of soyflour I tried it without and it still worked! 😀

  5. French toast as most of us know in French is pain perdu which means lost bread. This is why the bread should be soaked until the mixture gets into the middle and Terrence all of the bread custard like. There should never be any blank bread in the middle as he say. That is French toast so everybody who reads this knows to soak their bread a good long time. 🙂

  6. You can blend up tofu with some soy milk and a little bit of chickpea flour nor the time I can get you the amounts but if you whip that up in a blender you got something much more softer than say a tofu scramble and it cooks and behaves like eggs.

  7. Again lovely and simple ideas, will definitely try these to impress my parents, after I finish all of my exams at the end of the week, wohoo. Thank youu, have a lovely day/night/… time. ^^ <3

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