Vegan Breakfast Sandwich // Sausage Biscuit & “Egg” Muffin

I used to love McDonald’s sausage biscuits and egg McMuffins! I veganize them in this video, complete with tofu egg patties, homemade vegan breakfast sausage, and whole wheat biscuits from scratch. 🙂

// c o n t a c t

// m u s i c

// r e c i p e s
:: tofu “egg” patty

:: maple-sage sausage


  1. I just made these this weekend (Finally ordered the salt off of amazon) and while i did not make homemade TVP sauseege.(way tooo lazy) I used the life whatever brand (omg good) and wow. THIS WAS SO GOOD. The salt really does add just that perfect eggy taste to it. It’s funny how much palette is changing (January 5th was my 1 year veganniversary). I used to gag and tofu and now i LOVE It. Thanks Sarah!

  2. I saw The Vegan Zombie do a video at Stronghearts Café where they did their tofu egg similar to yours, then they used the gimme lean sausage and store bought English muffins.  They cooked theirs in a ton of oil.  I liked the fact you used vegan butter and oil but not too much.  Also, your videos make me smile and I need that biscuit recipe like a fat kid needs cake.  Btw that’s not offensive because I’m fat and I love cake.  The two things might be related.  I have lost some weight since starting a more plant-based diet and your recipes and meal prep tips are really great.  Ba da ba da da I’m lovin it.  Bye.

  3. i pretty much did the same thing with the “egg” for the breakfast sandwich, only I coated the tofu in nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and salt/pepper then fried it in vegan butter and holy smokes! so good. Didn’t have black salt but I’m sure that would be a great addition, I’m getting sick of oats so the savory breakfasts really help!

  4. I have been vegan for 7 years and never used tofu. Do not see why people use it so much. Seeing I am told it has no taste so you have to add a lot to it. So that is making it taste like something it it not.

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