Vegan and Gluten Free RIce Roti / Rice Tortilla / Ukkarisida rotti

Looking for vegan gluten free tortilla here is the perfect roti/tortilla recipe can be used for wraps too.
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  1. I just made this! It turned out fantastic! I was desperate for something to eat along side of my spaghetti and I am gluten free with an empty house! I whipped this up pretty quick and smeared a vegan garlic butter mix I made on top and it really was a nice treat on the side! Thank you for this recipe! I will have to try it along side a stir fry next time!

  2. I”m so excited to know that I have all the right ingredients and can make it although It’s 1:30 A.m here. Very easy to make and from now on I’ll avoid tortilla store bought one. Thank you.

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