Vanlife – Portable Chuck Box Cooking Delicious McNoy Breakfast Egg Sandwich (V1197) Living In A Van

Use a Portable Chuck Box to cook a Delicious McNoy Breakfast Egg Sandwich. I cooked the egg sandwich using a rice cooker powered by an inverter. The egg sandwich was delicious.


  1. You  gotta  realize  how  much  your  videos  help  us=  I  had  no  clue  that  inverter thing  could  do  so   many  things-  or  how  to  cook  with  the  rice  cooker-  and  if  only  one  thing  I  learned  in  your  videos-it  was  worth  it- but  Ive  learned  so  much  like  this: my  van  was  heating  a  lot   when  I  would   stop  and    one  time   you  said:  I’m  running  ironman  with  the  heater  on  because  its  overheating-  so  I  remembered  and  it  worked-  so  thank  you   -I  really  appreciate  all  your  videos,  your  experiments  and  just   your  everyday  company  and  wit.We  are  here  because  we  like  you 😉 and   your  McNoys lol!!!!

  2. a dozen eggs (cheap ones) cost about 1.50. A cheap loaf of bread costs a 1.25 or so a total of 2.75. A dozen eggs and a loaf of bread makes 12 sandwiches. 1 egg muffin at McDonald’s costs at least 3 dollars. So its healthier to cook yourself and way cheaper to buy the ingredients.

  3. Man Denoy that was a lot of oil for one egg. Try moistening a piece of paper towel and rub the inside of the bottom of the rice cooker with it. Like spraying the can oil to coat the pan with oil. The food won’t stick, way less oil used (saves $ on oil) and much healthier.

  4. About to transition from being imprisioned by the comforts of house living and all my electronics to staying in my car for awhile. Have used your videos this past month to help prepare me. Today was a nice drizzle so decided just to drive out in rural country roads listening to a podcast… and was like… woah. It was so peaceful and woke me up to life. I immediately remembered your videos taking Walter and Robb into rural areas and had a big smile on my face.
    What was even funnier is watching people’s channels like yours helped me be more observant to surroundings than the Matrix lifestyle … Stopped in to air one of my tires and saw an old van pulled in, must have been from 80’s… And suddenly though, no. This is not just some poor person who doesn’t have a nice vehicle… 1st glance noticed out of state plates, check. 2nd glance was like ROFL… He had a house window air conditioner mounted into the rear van window!!! Huge smile there it dawned on me that guy is a genious like Denoy’s power inverter inventions.

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